The Shopping Whisperer

Who can resist The Shopping Whisperer? That quiet voice in your ear as you walk into a shop, urging you to buy that special dress, those beautiful shoes, that essential lipstick? Certainly not Stella or Judy, they fall for the high of the buy every time. How will they break the spell? And why do the mannequins hold the answer?

This show is a funny and poignant tall tale for anyone who need less shopping and more magic in their lives.

This fairy-tale for adults, exploring the dark side of excess, identity and friendship was devised in collaboration with Theatre Makers Ros Philips and Angela Clerkin and Shopping Addiction Psychologist Dr Alison Armstrong.

 “Presented with panache and simplicity. The whole unhappiness cloud lowering over contemporary humanity because of the false grails of ‘happiness in things’ which we are sold day in day out, and mostly fall for.” Adrian Jackson, Artistic Director, Cardboard Citizens.


Shopping addiction as an exaggeration of normal behaviour. Is it a disease? Is it the embodiment of the system?” Chris Campbell, Literary Manager, Royal Court Theatre.

“The sense of isolation in the testimonials is powerful and moving Gerard Bell, audience member.

“The mannequin is a metaphor for identity. We buy a personality. We are human billboards and are paying for the privilege” Audience member, Basingstoke

“It’s theatrical, funny and full of pathos. I’m reflecting on my relationship to material things, how they affect me emotionally and influence my identity” Audience member, London.

Work in progress showings took place at Cardboard Citizens Studio and Proteus’ Creation Space.


The Shopping Whisperer was developed with the support of Arts Council England, Proteus Theatre, Fresh Glory Productions, Sphinx Theatre, Tara Arts and Oval House.