Wandsworth Town Library Story Snippets

Q: By day and by night, what are the best things to do in Wandsworth? Day – Cycle around Northcote Road, until Tooting Market, play tennis on Wandsworth Common. Go check out The Vineyard in Putney or Balham. Buy ice-cream at the BandstandNight – In the winter I like to walk across Wandsworth Common when it is snowing and there is no-one around. The cinema in Southside.Camilla

Q: Imagine that you travelled back in time, where would I go and what is it like? A:I would go back to Battersea Park during the Festival of Britain, 1957. To take in the whole event. I would travel by boat from the South Bank to the Jetty at Battersea. I would hope that I would see the fountains operating, the high level tree walk illuminated, the grotto, sculpture and pavilions, zoo, circus and funfairIt would be fun, informative and inspiring. I would even find time to squeeze in a nice cup of tea.K. Peters

A: If I could travel back in time I would go back to when I was a little kid again. I was brought up in the Henry Prince Estate in Wandsworth. I loved it there. There were playing fields out the back and I would try not to get myself in trouble. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am 50 now, so I am talking about 35 years ago. Wandsworth has changed a lot. I like it better now. It’s more easy to get things now that years ago. I remember the horse drawn drays from Young’s Brewery over the road. They’ve knocked it down now. Michael 

Q: What’s your favourite place in Wandswoth? A: Battersea Park ZooRobert

Q: Describe the top three things to do in Wandsworth. A: Visit the small Graveyard Park beside Sainsbury’s and relax on the bench on a fine day whole reading details of the deceased on the gravestones. Dating 150 years ago. If you missed the old Ram Brewery before it closed, now is your chance, as Phyllis  and Daphne (from Everything Stops for Tea) have just moved into the first floor flat. Just knock on the door– no need for an appointment! Visit the local under-manned police station in Putney Bridge Road. 9 – 5, Monday to Friday (Tel 101 if outside these hours) if your expensive smart phone suddenly disappears with your handbag from the High Street.Joseph Gallagher 

Q: What do you dislike most about Wandsworth? A: The traffic is horrendous as well as the pollution. Too many new builds. Angela

Q: Has Wandsworth changed much for the better or worse? Over the past 30 years the area has become more prosperous, popular and has gained an identity of its own. The area used to be a little run down, although it had always had lots of potential, especially Earlsfield (where I live). River development, both the Thames and Wandle; A wider range of shops, upgraded shopping centreA range of restaurants, good quality and affordableAn increased train service from Earlsfield and local busesOverall everything has changed for the better. Serena

Q: Indoors, outdoors, on sunny days and rainy days, what are the best things to do in Wandsworth? Wandsworth Common…..BirdwatchingKing George’s Park, Wimbledon Park (1/2 an hour away from Earlsfield),  South Side Shopping Centre, The Cinema, Walks to Tooting, Clapham Junction, Southfields, Wimbledon Libraries and charity shops.Sheema

Q: Where is the best shopping for local produce, arts and crafts in Wandsworth? Lower Richmond Road – it’s a new little store. Claudia