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Part real, part imaginary…Secret Platform Theatre’s intimate, immersive theatrical experience is a joyful free celebration of the Great British love of tea.

Daphne & Phyllis have just moved in and invite you to an interactive, theatrical housewarming party celebrating the art of conversation and the Great British love of tea. Enjoy a warm welcome and old fashioned hospitality, all washed down with a well-made cuppa and biscuits a plenty. Share your stories about Hastings with Phyllis and Daphne and they will entertain you with a few tall stories of their own!

Take a break from the world…take tea with your neighbours…take another biscuit…and revel in all things Wandsworth!

What audiences’ have said:

 “It’s like being led by the hand through Auntie’s front room.” 

 “Wonderful…Fantastic tea stories…Great original idea…..You made a normal afternoon exceptional…”

 “Delightful to share stories over tea. Must remember to wear gloves for afternoon tea to maintain decorum…”

WHEN & WHERE: Everything Stops for Tea will be performing as part of Hastings Storytelling Festival, November 2018, as a FREE event at: Hastings Library and Borough Wines, details below. Performed with a rolling start time so audiences can drop in and out at any time.  Suitable for children, adults and elders.

WHO: Secret Platform Theatre is run by theatre makers Dorothy Lawrence and Kitty Martin. Their work explores the interplay between real life and imagined life and the connection between actor and audience.

‘We believe everyone has a fascinating story to tell, it’s just a question of listening. In our intimate, interactive piece, Everything Stops for Tea, we place the audience centre stage. We provide opportunities to connect: the audience with us, and the audience with each other.’

Everything Stops for Tea, was originally commissioned by Proteus Theatre for Basingstoke Festival 2016, recommissioned for Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2017 by Greenland Group and recommissioned for Hastings Storytelling Festival 2018 by 18 Hours.

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