Everything Stops for Tea…in Wandsworth!

Take a break from the world…take tea with your neighbours…take another biscuit…and revel in all things Wandsworth!

Phyllis and Daphne invite you to "EVERYTHING STOPS FOR TEA"Phyllis and Daphne invite you to an immersive, theatrical housewarming party celebrating the art of conversation and the Great British love of tea. Enjoy a warm welcome and old fashioned hospitality, all washed down with a well made cuppa and biscuits a plenty. Share your stories about living in Wandsworth with Phyllis and Daphne and they will entertain you with a few tall stories of their own!

"English Breakfast, Earl Grey or something more exotic?"

Blurring the boundary between theatre and real life this quirky, light-hearted theatrical event is shaped in the moment by the audience who say: 

“It’s like being led by the hand through Auntie’s front room.” 

 “Wonderful…Fantastic tea stories…Great original idea…..You made a normal afternoon exceptional…”

 “Delightful to share stories over tea. Must remember to wear gloves for afternoon tea to maintain decorum…”

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Do come… Daphne and Phyllis can’t wait to meet you…

This enchanting, cosy, feel-good imaginary housewarming is suitable for children, adults and elders.

Free! Rolling start time, drop in and out anytime. Venues, dates and times below.

Supported by:

Sponsored by:greenland-logo-470x330

Everything Stops for Tea has been commissioned by Greenland Group, developer of the Ram Quarter, as part of an exciting arts programme curated by culture agency Futurecity; which engages with the local community to explore the fascinating history of the brewery and the surrounding area. The project is supported by The Brick Box and Enable Leisure & Culture. Further information can be found at @RamDinner.