About us

Secret Platform Theatre is run by Dorothy Lawrence and Kitty Martin. Our mission is to bring true, untold stories to life and give these stories a platform and a validity. We are also keen on deconstructing existing stories by singling out rich text, bringing subsidiary characters to the fore, or exploring key characters and putting them into unfamiliar situations. We’re interested in the interplay between real life and imagined life. We believe everyone has a story to tell, it’s just a question of shining the spotlight on them.

Secret Platform Theatre
Our remit is in putting women at the centre of the work, exploring genre and creating a design aesthetic that serves that genre; be it the verbatim and magical realism of The Shopping Whisperer, the retro chic of Everything Stops for Tea, or the gothic, kitchen sink of our next project.

Secret Platform TheatreIn our intimate, immersive piece, Everything Stops for Tea, we place the audience centre stage. We provide opportunities to connect: the audience with us, and the audience with each other.

We collaborate with an associate rolling ensemble of actors and creatives on a project by project basis.

Secret Platform Theatre is a not for profit company.