Event bookers information – Everything Stops For Tea

How does this immersive, interactive show work? We welcome the audience to our imaginary housewarming party with a cuppa and a biscuit and invite them to respond to a question, which they draw out of our biscuit tin tombola. In a warm and supportive environment we encourage the audience to write a simple story or response and share it with those around them. In exchange we regale the audience with our theme related and tea stories. A lively conversation ensues as we swap stories and wash down another biscuit with another cuppa! As the audience leave we invite them to reflect on their experience in our Visitors’ Book. To provide a legacy of the event we can film the event and publish some of the audience’ stories on our website.

Will this show work with my theme? Every show is bespoke and is uniquely tailored to your theme or line of enquiry. You decide the theme and we will work together to write the questions the audience draw from the tombola. We weave in tales related to your theme and respond in the moment to the audience to draw out their stories.

How long does it last? The show is performed in 2 x 2 hour performance blocks with a rolling start time so audience can drop in and out at any time.

Who will love this show? It’s a delight for children, adults and elders – anyone who loves a good yarn, a refreshing cuppa and a bickie! Suitable for non theatre going audiences as well as fans of immersive and intimate theatrical happenings, Punchdrunk, You Me Bum Bum Train, Secret Cinema, retro themed and participatory events. Everything Stops For Tea can draw in a “passing trade” audience who stumble upon it, as well as those who come specifically. 

Is their a lasting benefit for the audience? Absolutely. This show promotes social cohesion through speaking, listening, a shared ownership of place, culture and validating the experience of others. The audience are encouraged to revel in the specific theme. Participating in this event fosters a strong sense of belonging and connection.

Where? Everything Stops For Tea was specifically made for non theatre spaces. It’s suitable for festivals, theatres, community and public spaces, private homes, corporate events, indoors, outdoors, in my lady’s chamber! A mini marquee is available as a performance tent.

When? This self contained show is available for one off performances and touring.

Where have you performed it before? Yes. We were originally commissioned for Basingstoke Festival 2016 by Proteus Theatre.  A short tour was recommissioned for Wandsworth Arts Festival 2017 by Wandsworth Enable and The Brick Box, with sponsorship from Greenland Group. In 2018, 18 Hours recommissioned us to perform at the Hastings Storytelling Festival

Is my venue suitable? Our minimum space requirement is 3 meters wide, 3 meters deep. We need electricity and running water to make tea and wash up. We also need somewhere to change and store items while we are performing.

How does the ticketing work?  You have a choice: standard tickets for a set time OR a non ticketed, free event for audiences who can drop in and out anytime.

More information?  Please use the form below to get in touch.