Everything Stops For Tea

Daphne and Phyllis have just moved in. Join them for tea, biscuits and a cosy sharing of stories.

“It’s like being led by the hand through Auntie’s front room…

Part real, part imaginary…Secret Platform Theatre’s intimate, immersive theatrical experience is an enchanting celebration of the Great British love of tea.


This quirky, lighthearted show is shaped in the moment by the audience who say: 

“Wonderful…Fantastic tea stories…Comforting, fun, cosy, hilarious…”

Great original idea…..You made a normal afternoon exceptional…”

“Delightful to share stories over tea. Must remember to wear gloves for afternoon tea to maintain decorum…”

“I had a lovely time here, I thought I was in a different period or in a film…”

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Everything Stops For Tea was originally commissioned by Basingstoke Festival 2016 by Proteus Theatre. With sponsorship from Greenland Group, who are developing The Ram Brewery site, this show has been recommissioned for Wandsworth Arts Festival and will be performing at four different Wandsworth venues between May 14 – 20, 2017.