Pump House Gallery Story Snippets

The Pump House Gallery

Q: What do you think of when you think of Battersea Power Station? I think of my father. He  used to manage the power station locally and nationally. He oversaw Battersea Power Station and managed Fulham and Tate Modern power Stations. Francis Mattteos. A: An iconic building that is hugeiconic white towers that can be seen from afar. A strong imposing building that was built to last, and made with millions and millions of tiny bricks. I wonder if anyone has counted those bricks. I’d like to visit one day before it gets turned into flats.Manisha 

Q: What does Wandsworth need that it does not have? 1.More swimming pools, outdoors. 2. Outdoor cinema 3. Better transport links. 4. More music festivals. 5. More animals.Greer and Charmari 

Q: If you left Wandsworth what memories would you take with you?  My school, now gone. The prison – still there. St Anne’s pepper pot church spire – still there and the iconic Battersea Power Station – almost still there. Dan

Q: What smells do you associate with Wandsworth? In years gone by it would have undoubtedly been the smell of Young’s Brewery, especially on a Tuesday when they brewed the hops. But perhaps on a more recent note though, right now, it’s the smell of lilac. Its perfume is so evocative, so balmy and if you are up on Wandsworth Common at the moment, it is everywhere. Sharon P

Q: Where is your favourite place in Wandsworth? It is Wandsworth Bridge Road. It is a lovely residence of five people with staff all day and someone on night duty. All residents have their own room and weekly duties to do. We college courses, day centres to go to during the week and outings at weekends. Going to Blackpool in 4 week’s time.  Simon (One of the 5 residents).

Q: What does living in Wandsworth mean to you? I moved to Wandsworth a few years ago. It all started because of my job. It’s a gorgeous area with a splendid park. Many changes have occurred since I moved around, new shops, regeneration of the Battersea Park Power Station and more. I find it very easy to make friends as the neighbourhood is open to new people. Alessio Noro 

Q: What is the best kept secret of Wandsworth? The blue, yellow temporary construction in front of the Pump House in Battersea Park was designed in collaboration with Art specialism students from Chestnut Grove Academy, a secondary school in Wandsworth. It will be erected again next year as well young Wandsworth pupils from 7-9 enjoyed the collaboration with a group of professional architectsMagda

Q: If you could redesign the place you live now, what would it look like? If you could get rid of one thing, what would it be? I would build a terrace on the top floor so that I could sit and watch the sunset on one side, or enjoy views over central London on the other. I would love to get rid of the top toilet which is not a very efficient flusher! Alison.

Q: What’s the worst thing about living in Wandsworth? The transport links are not very good compared to North of the river……or maybe the rise in knife crimeAnouia

Q: Describe the time you had a perfect cup of tea. Our perfect cup of tea was at 12.45pm in Battersea Park. The Tea Party Art Installation, Everything Stops for Tea with Daphne and Phyllis. Very charming and entertaining, extremely friendly and amusing. Thank you, ladies x (drawing of a red heart) Sher and Rita