Basingstoke Story Snippets

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“My favorite biscuit is the Bourbon Cream. The reason is that my  grandparents used to give me and my brother a ration of 2 bourbon creams every time we went to visit. If it was a a special occasion were given three!” Matt Russell

“We adopted one cat named Kat and she has lived with us for 3 years. She can be quite shy sometimes, but when she’s not she can be quite cute, but annoying!” Emma, 11yrs

"English Breakfast, Earl Grey or something more exotic?"

“My great grandparents’ cottage in Hadleigh Place, Flaxfield Road. It is tiny, two up two down. The garden is filled with fruit and vegetables and my mother is being shouted at for picking peas and eating them. The best bakery in Basingstoke is a short walk away on the corner of Flaxfield Road. Basingstoke, being a town with lots of Pubs, there are two nearby; The Hare and hounds and the New Inn.” Karen Hodgson

Q: If you were a town planner, what would you change about Basingstoke? A:Better routes for cycling around the town centre, so people leave their cars at home, making the town a nicer place to be.” Paul Skinner

Audience member Hannah tells us a story

“I do not wish to escape from Basingstoke, as I am a Basingstoke enthusiast! We have the best of both worlds – a ‘new’ town called Festival Place which is very well maintained and the malls which lead to the Anvil; a wonderful concert hall where the acoustics are wonderful for classical concerts – Sir Simon Rattle one evening, followed by Nicola Benedetti the following night! We also have the old historic part of Basingstoke where we have a resident professional touring theatre company – Proteus, based in an old Victorian school”. Hannah Williams

“Sometimes Basingstoke is called Boringstoke. Not much choice. I go to Southampton and Reading clubbing, activities. It’s peaceful here though, not much trouble. I used to live in Margate.” Simon, Aerospace Engineereverything-stops-for-tea-09-07-34-copy

“The best things – I like shopping. I also like going to the park” Holly, 6

Q: If visitors from outer space came and asked you to give them a guided tour of Basingstoke, where would you take them? A: War Memorial Park – it was my playground as a child. I have climbed every tree. I held “It’s a knockout” competition in the play area, played football, walked across it to school, played “Kiss, chase” with Raymond, Jennifer and once let all the birds out of the aviary – I do not like to see birds in cages.” Jude YouldSecret Platform Theatre. Everything-stops-for-tea-09-07-16

“My favourite place to eat is La Tasca and the Portsmouth Arms. Thatched. La Tasca is a Tapas Bar – not the thing now. Oh and the Tea Room in London Street.” Steve

“My favorite Pub while I’m over visiting my daughter is The Rising Sun, Chapel Hill. Lovely staff and beer garden. Very friendly place.” Gemma Woods

Q:What is Basingstoke famous for? A: The Burberry Clothing Company. The Burberry family used to live in The Shrubbery, which became a maternity home and then became an Arts venue in 1976. The building was demolished in 1992. Memories of The Shurbbery live on in the book “The House in Mary Ann’s Garden” by Jean Luffrum and Hannah Williams who came to share her stories and a cup of tea. 

 “Eastdrop Park – has a children’s paddling pool + duck pond. Often has fetes and music. Also a wonderful children’s playground.” Aideen Woods