Wandsworth Oasis Story Snippets

Q: What is your earliest memory of Wandsworth? A: Living in the back of my Renault 5 when I was studying for my MA and University. It was white and did not take up much space. It was in the 70’s.

Q: What smells do you associate with Wandsworth? A:Chicken Cottage! My 3 legged Staffie used to drag me round the streets of Tooting following the smell of chicken bones! Gill P 

Q: What do you think when you walk around a charity shop? A:I wonder what all the stories are behind the items in the shop – all those stories, each one a life. Then I think, if wonder if there is anything I might use? Sarah

Q: Tell us what to avoid and where not to go in Wandsworth. A:Please avoid roundabouts and traffic lights and lingering outside the prison. There are large areas with a great selection of goods for sale. These places consume your energy, imagination and your finances. Avoid! The air may be reconditioned and artificially lit – take in small doses if you require an alert presence of mind. Although that could be a good preparation for a long-haul flight. J9

Q: Is there anything in the shop you can suggest for Phyllis and Daphne’s flat upstairs? A:Tea Trolley and floral curtains pre-loved for many years and both bought the twin sisters much happiness. They were both sad to see them go, but most happy if they found a new home, as they now live on the Kent Coast.

Q: What is your favourite Wandsworth park? A: The one opposite The Queen Adelaide because I played cricket for Prospect Park and bowled a ‘googlie’. Carl 

Battersea Park for the water, the animals, the places to ride a bike. The wildlife and all the different people that come here. An oasis in the middle of an urban environment.

The spontaneous poetry recital – To the delight of everyone Nial recited Sufi love poetry in Persian and Carl responded with a live performance of Journey, a poem about his grandparent’s romance.  

Q: What do you love most about Wandsworth Oasis shops and why? A: I love browsing in charity shops for a number of reasons. I like second hand because it is generally cheaper but also environmentally sound and good fun. I pick up second hand books and enjoy browsing through them. They are cheap too. Occasionally you may see something very rare or unusual. Andy